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Umpire Fitness Training Program

Whether you are a Professional Umpire or working with a local association, we understand the physical and mental demands of this profession.

For those balancing work and/or school along with Umpiring, we provide a roadmap to avoid injury and strengthen physical performance both on the field and in the workplace.  Your customized workout and nutrition program will help you perform at your best.

If you are a professional umpire, we stress the importance of being physically strong and balanced to endure the daily lifestyle of baseball umpiring.  We create custom training programs that accommodate your busy travel schedule and limited access to fitness facilities along with a realistic nutritional approach to enhance your results.

Whether you are looking to attend a local clinic or camp, or if you are looking to prepare for Professional Baseball Umpire School, we can get you ready for the physical demands required for success.

Our goal at AIPT is to ensure you have an extensive, balanced and healthy Umpiring career