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The origin of this company can be traced back to two simple words…”What if”.  That is how the conversation began with my first client back in 2011. She was deconditioned, not an experienced runner and thinking of taking on her first 5K. I had just completed my first Ironman and she looked over to me and said “What if I started training, could I do a 5K…”  Six months later, we were running a half marathon together, a year after that, a marathon.  Those two words are what started the revolution.

At AIPT we believe that anything you set your mind to is truly possible.  When the mind is ready the body follows. We work with you to establish your “why”. We incorporate everything from the workouts you perform to the nutrition that fuels you to the thoughts that motivate you. We are your partner in the process. And we work together to change your life. 

AIPT started with a few dedicated clients and has grown to a multi-coach organization with clients across the United States. Our mission is to make you the best version of yourself. Whether it be a Professional Baseball Umpire, an Endurance athlete or a hard-working parent that wants to keep up with their kids.  We train you for life. No goal is to big or too small once you embrace the possibilities and eliminate self-limiting beliefs. 



Lifestyle Program
AIPT trains you for life.  We embrace possibility by eliminating excuses. Not sure what to do at the gym?
Race Coaching/Endurance Training
Whether you are brand new to running and fitness or looking to jump into Triathlon, AIPT will get you across the finish line.
Corporate Wellness & Charity Fundraising
We run corporate challenges fostering team wellness as well as help your fundraising race team cross that finish line with confidence in the name of bringing awareness and donations to the good cause.


The time I have been training with Danni over the last 3 years. I had Danni as a trainer before we had our first baby, I loved what I was doing, we then got pregnant with our first daughter. I worked out on and off with her when I could while pregnant. Danni was so understanding on the days I couldn't. After I had my daughter I knew right where I needed to go and that was to Danni! At the start I just wanted my body back, to feel like myself again, to feel confident in the summer with my baby on the lake. Resuming training, I loved the way I was looking and how strong I was feeling as a woman, a mom, and a badass! I then went to her and said okay, I think it’s time to start doing some races. I started with 5ks, 10ks, and a spartan race. I even placed in a few races! All the while strength training, I decided I wanted to run a half marathon and a full marathon in Las Vegas, almost a year to the date from having my little girl. Danni was on board 100%. She was so supportive but very honest it was going to be tough, but she wanted me to be safe and enjoy the process! I sure did, some days were hard getting to the gym when my baby did not sleep or even taking her to the gym with me. Danni was so understanding and would help me switch days up or modify if I needed it. The time she took with me to get me ready and prepared was amazing. I not only finished my races, I exceed all my goals. Little did we know I ran that race 2 weeks pregnant with our second child and I am continuing to train with Danni throughout this pregnancy and after. I can’t wait to set new goals and have Danni help me crush them!!! I can't thank her enough for everything she has done and will continue to do!!! Thank you!!!
Abby D
From a female perspective, there is no feeling more powerful than having a female trainer. I was lucky enough to cross paths with Danni shortly after a boxing club opened in town around 2012. At the time, I had been going through a rough patch and I couldn’t seem to find any sort of motivation in my life. I figured “why not give this a shot?” Danni’s class was the first class I took at the club. I can honestly say, that if I had taken any other instructors’ class that day, I would not have walked out of that class as strong and as motivated as I felt after Danni’s. There was no doubt in my mind that she would be a staple in my life for many years. From boxing to gym work outs, HITT training and at home workouts, she has brought me to not only a physical fitness level I never thought I would be capable of, but also a mental level I never thought I would be capable of. Even now, living states apart she continues to push me to be more powerful, more confident version of myself then I was the day before. Who knows where I would be if I hadn’t walked into her class that day? I am so grateful I did.
Kiaya D
"I met Danni back in 2012 when I walked into a boxing gym for the first time. From the moment I met Danni she was personable, knowledgeable, and encouraging--I had no idea then that meeting her would change the course of my life, physically and mentally. I was initially cautious with Danni's programs (boxing classes, weight training, and HIIT) due to my neuromuscular disease; I didn't know how my body would respond or what limitations I might have. However, as she got to know me and watched my progress, Danni encouraged me to challenge myself in a safe and supportive environment. The first few years I trained with her, Danni helped shift the expectations I had of myself and my body. Fast forward to 2017; I came to Danni and said, "I want to try a triathlon." Knowing that she had two Ironman's under her belt and already knew how my body responded to certain types of training, we seemed like the perfect match. She trained and helped me complete my first sprint triathlon in the summer of 2017 which had been previously been uncharted territory for my body. About six months after this race, I called and wanted her opinion of a new challenge for 2018--a longer distance tri that challenged me further--I wanted to test my psychological and physical limits. Danni was not only supportive of this goal, but she was able to my potential for growth long before I saw it in myself. To me, having a coach who knows your capabilities before you believe that of yourself is a rare gift. Danni not only believed in me but taught me to believe in myself. In October I completed my first Ironman 70.3, a goal which I would have previously laughed at had someone told me that a few years ago. Working with Danni has not only made me more physically fit, but also mentally and psychologically; working with her has been a journey of personal growth and the achievement of goals beyond my imagination."
Natalie B
My Fitness Journey: Starting in January of 2017 Coach Danni started training me. At 6’ and pushing 230 lbs. I was not in good shape. Coach Danni worked with me to change my diet and customize my work outs. I regularly travel for work from 5 to 10 days at a time. Coach Danni was able to design nutrition and training plan that worked around my hectic schedule. Coach Danni’s approach to nutrition is clearly laid out and allows variety so that I never got bored or discouraged with my diet. Within the first year Coach Danni was able to help me transform my body and mindset. I went from a chubby 230lbs to 195 lbs. and just under 15% body fat. I felt like a new person. In 2018 I decided to participate in races ranging from a 5k to a full marathon. Coach Danni trained me so effectively that I was able to win my age bracket in one 5k, win my age bracket in a 10k, place 3rd in my age bracket in another 5k, complete a Spartan Super race, complete a half marathon and complete a full marathon. Coach Danni helped accomplish this all within an eight-month span. Coach Danni is absolutely a world class trainer and coach. I am not the easiest person to train. I constantly want to lift heavy, run too fast, push myself farther, and try more extreme challenges. Coach Danni caters to my athletic ambitions, while making sure that my training is safe and effective. Coach Danni continues to challenge me and works with to accomplish my goals. Coach Danni has been able to train me to gain muscle mass, lose fat and lean out, train for obstacle races, and long-distance races. She truly has been able to train me to accomplish any goal that I have set for myself.
Kaes DeGroot